“AD-SKL is the programme I always dreamed of at school, that I recently had the power to create.”
Jody Medland, Author and Screenwriter

What are the benefits of using AD-SKL?

It has been created by people who have experience in both the creative and educational industries and was written in a way so that teachers, like yourselves, could easily understand it.

AD-SKL has been set up to inspire young learners and encourage their own innovations. Unlike most other lessons, we engineered the course so the learners can see any mistakes play out and fully learn the consequences of their actions.

For the teacher, the resource can be as passive or active as you wish it to be as you assume the roles of bank managers, investors, clients and company CEO – all of which the learners need to impress to succeed with their advertising campaigns.

Within the resource, we have provided you with endless tasks, visuals and lesson suggestions to help you guide your class through the making of their very own advertisement, and hopefully seek the approval of their client.

The programme offers an insight into potential creative careers as well as provides you with a unique and immersive way to meet the current curriculum guidelines.

AD-SKL – tomorrow’s learning today.