You can subscribe to AD-SKl or SC1 either
Monthly or Yearly:

AD-SKL (monthly) £250 per school
AD-SKL (yearly) £1500 per school

SC1 (monthly) £150 per school
SC1 (Yearly) £350 per school

Once you’ve purchased AD-SKL you can use it with as many classes in your school as you like. At the end of the month or year we will ask you to renew your subscription. You have 30 days to decide if you wish to continue with your subscription – we’ll also give you a 25% saving if you continue using AD-SKL or SC1.

When we have successfully set up your subscription we will send your
Activation Usernames and Passwords to the email you provide.



You can also subscribe using PayPal which can speed the process of setting up your subscription.
Normally your activation username and password will be emailed within 24 hours.

Order using PayPal

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